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since 2008

Current Build Projects "on spec" ...

Get a Web Guy!

Are you sick and tired of trying to decipher technobabble from suppliers when trying to DIY? Are you ready to offload the additional workload?

Help Has Arrived!

We Will:

  • provide free assessment of hosting requirements
  • plan for and implement migration of current site
  • handle any and all issues related to the ongoing maintenance of your site

Starting at $20/month for MANAGED WEB HOSTING SERVICE

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Tech Consultancy

Have a problem in need of a technical solution? Do you need some help to lead your business into the future with the help of new technology and services?

On-site and Remote Requests Fulfilled

Add some help for your busy business and allow us to assess and advise on current and future technical solutions.

We Will:

  • provide a free assessment of your problem case via email
  • create a business tech database profile for your company
  • generate recomendations based on your specifc needs and create an upgrade report outlining a path forward
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Hosting Subscriber

$15 / mo

  • Standard Web Hosting
  • Site Hosting Support
  • Free Server Migration from current host
  • Priority email support
  • We look after everything!

$180 / yr + taxes for hosting alone

Pro Coding

$65 / hour

  • Day Rates / Half-days available
  • Custom programing for your site
  • Hands-on access to feature development
  • The limits are only your imagination
  • Estimates on projects always available, free of charge
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Priority Queue for all customers with current clients receiving quote level preferencial access

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